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What dreams are you cannot tell why
Since that time, as people saw the first dream, they are trying to solve, what value do they have, why they occur, can true whether them what to expect and whether you can tell the dreams keen psychic of others. It is worth noting the fact that there is no consensus. That is why we will try today to understand what dreams can not be told and why, and what – you can and even need.

What is sleep?
Psychologists say sleep is an immersion into the inner reality of the human “I”, the ability to know and analyze your personality through the interpretation of dreams.

From the point of view of various esotericists, dreams, psychic keen – a journey of the human soul in the astral world, the result of the separation of the physical and mental body in order to relax and organize all the thoughts and feelings together. Known sorcerers believe that it is in a dream that a person is most exposed to negative effects due to the weakening of the protective options of the aura.

What dreams can be tell, and which-there is no
Some argue that if you tell a bad dream, it will come true, while others believe that if you tell a good dream, it will not come true.

In fact, there are several explanations why you shouldn’t tell dreams to everyone. Whatever the plot of the dream-a reflection of our thoughts, experiences, attempts to find solutions in important situations for us. After learning the content of sleep, others can draw certain conclusions, with which your pain points can be used to the detriment of you. Of course, not every dream can give you a head, but be careful.

Dream books-when they may need
Interpreters of dreams have their own concept on this problem. It is believed if you tell the story of your dream, it ceases to work. If the dream was a warning about something, you may not have time to use it, lose the power of events, as there is a high probability that you will not be able to fix anything and everything will go downhill. But the content of romantic dreams should not be shared for another reason: human envy is a terrible thing. This can best keen psychic have a negative impact on real events. No need to tell the dreams that relate to your personal life.

About any ambient can be and cannot be tell other people
Many dreams are quite strange and incomprehensible, sometimes meaningless. However, this does not mean that they have no significance and are only negative. If after waking up the dream left you with an unpleasant impression, then first you need to think about it, understand what he wanted to warn you, and then decide to talk about it or not.

But if within you, there is a pleasant feeling after awakening, you can safely tell your loved ones about the dream without fear of consequences.

It is recommended not to talk about the events of the future, seen in a dream. Do not share this with others, if in the near future you have scheduled an important event and at the peak moment you had an embarrassment. Be careful, otherwise the dream can come true.

If you tell people about your night visions, it’s like giving them access to your thin body. People who practice working with energies believe that in this way it is possible to invade the energy space of another person and cause him harm. Much more likely to become a reality dreamed events from Friday to Saturday.

Rumor has it that dreams that people saw on Monday night, tend to come true. But what is the source of such rumors is unclear. As a rule, such visions do not make any sense. They are called empty.

Do not forget that the future depends on the person, and any factor can affect its change. Tell your dreams or not-it’s up to you.

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